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This is a quality test just to be sure that the thing actually work – I have had a LOT of trouble getting Fraps to work properly and getting it converted into Youtube-friendly size properly too (especially older games)

This video shows all 8 Minigames one can play in the game: Doraemon Monopoly – released in Taiwan in 1998 by Gameone Systems Ltd. (Still around as of 2013)

Playing as Nobita (大雄/のび太) with CPU characters as Suneo (阿福/スネ夫), Shizuka (靜香) and Doraemon (小叮噹/哆啦A夢/ドラえもん)

The characters have no difference within minigames. Although in the actual game they have rather different traits and weaknesses.

Yes, the CPU difficulty is a bit TOO easy….
Game 1: 0:24
Goal: Collect as many Dorayakis as you can
Description: Dorayakis drop from the sky, use your baskets to catch them. IF you get a bottle instead, you will be thrown off for about 1 second

Game 2: 1:31
Goal: Last the whole duration
Description: Follow the doll on the platform and raise the correct flag (yeah, I forgot the controls…)

Game 3: 2:23
Goal: First to cross the line
Description: BUTTON SMASHING TIME! Just get to the finish line before your rivals

Game 4: 3:09
Goal: Make your doll the largest
Description: More button mashing!

Game 5: 3:46
Goal: as Game 3
Description: As Game 3 – however after “Happy Birthday to You” banner scrolls through, either a present or a cake comes smashing at you – get the present for after-game bonus points, or get the cake in your face to throw you off for a second.

Game 6: 4:29
Goal: Score higher than your rivals
Description: Rock-Paper-Scissors game – select the correct fish to throw at what you’re presented to score – if you choose the wrong one you’re blanked for 2 seconds.

Game 7: 5:35
Goal: Score higher than your rivals
Description: match the Dogu as appear at the top to advance, match wrong one and you’re blanked for 1 second.

Game 8: 6:15
Goal: Jump high into space
Description: use the trampoline to propel you into space, and gather any Dorayaki on the way for bonus points.
I forgot what was the score needed for “S” Rank, i think 75,000 or 80,000 points.
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100k views – 17 July 2014
250k views – 2 August 2015
500k views – 9 August 2016
600k views – 24 May 2017

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22 thoughts on “多啦A夢大富翁/Doraemon Monopoly (1998, PC) – All Minigames [zh-TW][720p50]”


    It was released in Malaysia in Bahasa and I remember that I always played as Suneo (the rich kid) because he started with double the money lmao

  2. Played this. One of the very first and very few successful "Made in Hong Kong" games. It was a pride of the HK video game industry. Also playing as Nobita means you cannot initiate attack against Shizuka.

  3. không ngờ thế hệ trẻ ngày nay có điều kiện tiếp cận thông tin mà ăn nói hàm hồ thế này.
    hãy lấy dẫn chứng về khủng bố bằng những sự kiện có thật qua các trang báo trong và ngoài nước để cho trung thực nhé

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