[Part 2 too:
“年期” is measured in “years”, right?

There are some audio slowdowns caused by Fraps forcing the video recording to “catch up”.

Played with real game CD, so if there are some pauses; it’s caused by the CD player reading up the needed data.

There’s also a problem with the BGM of the game, the overboard theme doesn’t loop properly; so it eventually ends and stays silent until other event that causes a new BGM to be played occurs. I remedied that by playing the Doraemon Themesong in the background under controlled environments (namely with MPC controlled with my laptop’s included controls)

I actually managed to build a Level 4 Statue (in West Monopoly terms: A Hotel) quite early in the game – those usually don’t come until at least for another 3 game months…
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20 thoughts on “多啦A夢大富翁/Doraemon Monopoly (1998, PC) – Snow City 1 [zh-TW][480p]”

  1. I'm currently running Windows 8. I used to install this game for XP with a different source/link, but no music too.
    I think it has something to do with the version. This video's version is 1.26T, while your link is 1.26.
    I think music is only available for the actually CD only.

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