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Hello!!! this is 2 idiotsssss!! (tada~~~👏)
Today, we tried Korean convenience store ramyeons!!!
If we eat the ramyeon without the brand name, how many ramyeon brands can we guess?!👀😏🧐
This was a very interesting challenge!!! Why don’t you check the video with us?😆

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source: https://aatapaatalu.net

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22 thoughts on “*맛만 보고 라면 맞히기🍜(Best Korean Instant noodles!)* 편의점 인기 라면 먹방ㅣ두얼간이(2 idiots)ㅣ엔플라잉(N.flying) 재현 차훈”

  1. 아이… 솔직히 타팬이지만
    너무 귀엽고 멋지고 잔망스럽고
    하… 이젠 타팬안할랭…

    사랑해요 엔플라잉❤
    오늘부터 팬이여요…
    지금 다 돌려보고있슴돠…

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