SBS 일요일이 좋다-런닝맨 Running man 212회(Ep.212)

 대한민국 – 대만
 드디어 밝혀진 [1470]의 무서운 비밀
 런닝맨 역사상 가장 피말리는 결전!
 극.강.벌.칙 대만行을 피하는 유일한 방법
 더 넘버 1470을 ‘0’으로 만들어라
 살아남기 위한 치열한 몸부림
 숫자가 남는 순간 끝!
 아시아 최강 스릴!
 대만 롤러코스터의 탑승자는 과연 누구일까?

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21 thoughts on “벌칙단, 롤러코스터에 멘붕! @런닝맨 Running man (1470 Ⅱ) 140907”

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  2. I remember this episode. It was so funny coz they had to open their eyes and see the numbers so they can calculate it and only when every single person gets the correct answer will they escape the roller coaster. Unfortunately they kept getting it wrong cause some people closed their eyes so they had to go on it multiple times.

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