This music is meditation & sleep music made with angel number 1111Hz. Comfortable BGM on slow tempo and soft bass helps to meditate and sleep. The background music for relaxation and Heal will have a positive effect on you.
The meaning of angel number 1111 is a sign that your spiritual guardian angel is always standing by your side. If you meditate & sleep with this music, you will receive the positive energy of the guardian angel beside you.

◎ What is Angel Number frequency Meditation Music.

Angel Number is the same sequence of numbers.
Seeing the same sequence of numbers over and over again can seem like a coincidence, but there’s a specific message the universe is trying to get through to You.

Angel number frequency meditation music produced by healing meditation is total nine kinds. We use frequencies from 1 to 9 consecutive numbers.
Each frequency has its own meaning by the interpretation of the angel number.

– 111Hz : Confirm guardian angels.
– 222Hz : Energy of life, Balanced in life.
Health of Body and Mind.
– 333Hz : Ability improvement, wisdom of life
– 444Hz : Overcoming fear, liberating guilt,
Cleansing for Negative Energy.
– 555Hz : Positive change, future creation.
Soul Reset, Return to pure soul.
– 66Hz : Balance of matter and spirituality.
– 777Hz : The beginning of spiritual awakening, spiritual big bang.
– 888Hz : receive unexpected rewards, positive abundance.
– 999Hz : Highest frequency of spiritual light.
– 1111Hz : Positive energy of the guardian angel.

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▶ Track information
Release a Album : Soon
Title : 1111
Composer : Dahye
ⓒ 2019 Healing Meditation™. All Rights Reserved.

▶ About of composer Dahey.
I am a meditative musician who loves meditation.
My genre typically is relaxation, healing, Meditation and Spiritual.
It is a great pleasure to convey peace and love to many people around the world, and hope that the Healing Meditation channel will be a space for rest and peace.
We send love and blessings to all !

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25 thoughts on “1111Hz Spiritual Guardian Angel Meditation ▶ Angel Number frequency ▶ Deep Sleep & Healing.”

  1. M Y.🍁 S O U L.💛
    I am loving everything.
    I am blessing everyone.
    I am feeling very happy.
    I am driving my boat and my
    I ❤ am❤ feeling ❤ free, ❤
    my ❤ love.🌹
    My 🌻 Angel , I am loving myself
    and U.💟
    Poetisa à Serviço do AMOR.🌹

  2. Sending much love and light…may you attract all the things that are right 🕯️💟🕯️💟🕯️💟🕯️💟

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