$2.4 MILLION LAGOS Apartment review: Lagos Nigeria is a video about me taking a tour of one of the most expensive luxury Apartments in Lagos Nigeria. Do like watch and enjoy. Let me know if you want to see more Lagos Apartment tours in future videos.

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37 thoughts on “$2.4 MILLION LAGOS Apartment review: Lagos Nigeria”

  1. Is this what we are really selling out as luxury? Pls make reviews of other amazing apartments less priced in Nigeria so people will know that Nigerians know what luxury means and indeed we have great interior decorators. I wouldn't call living here luxury, not even close.

  2. OH nooooooo, i'm heart broken. This is absolutely disappointing. Is this it? Is this all? This looks like a bachelor / student apartment or a boys' quarters, it looks too confined. One who uses a crutches or wheel chair, an old person or children cannot even live here comfortably. No luxury, no comfort, what am i paying for? I looked forward to owning an apartment there before but what is this?

  3. It's funny how he says the tap in the kitchen is one of his favorites😄😄. I was even thinking they used one of these motion sensor to turn on. Common, that shower shii is normal tap feature… Nothing luxury about it.

  4. Naija! Whenever we copy we over do to the left.👈👈👈 $11,000 per month for rent, ok! Come and take😆😆😆🤔🤔🤔🤔. There is nothing special about this apartment. There is nothing absolutely luxurious about this apartment. The decor is basic, the apartment is small! And what's the electric cooker for? There is no constant power in Nigeria👀👀👀👀👀👀🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒.

    Nice video, but I suggest 🤔you dress more like a realtor and introduce so sound and motion effects in videos like this 😎😎

  5. Absolute Nonsense…it could have been staged better. But what is so grandiose about this basic skyscraper apartment to attract the said cost…Ooh, the supposedly new heaven area.As usual, Nigeria with its overly hyped Real Estate.

  6. Whether it’s a trashy overpriced apartment in New York or a well designed top notch overpriced apartment in Africa I am not spending that much money on an apartment when I can have a mansion with a lake and horses in Africa for the same price.

  7. What da hell is wrong with Nigeria. Why everything is so expensive. How can someone buy this apartment for $2.4millions.

  8. When they are ready to collect 1million and change that currency from dollar to naira, please let me know. Overhyped poo 💩

  9. The only Luxury in this apartment is the view, the whole place is poorly designed especially the bathroom. $2.4M is overpriced, will it appreciate to $8M in 15 years? I doubt so.

  10. Easy for people without 2 cobbles to make comments on 2million usd the cost only matters to those with the financial security to pay. If you don't like the inferior change it and update.

  11. I rather build my own house or rent to own with $2000 monthly than rent an apartment for $11,000. Whoever set that amount must b mad. Not even $2,500 monthly. It's a beautiful apartment but and nice view and we know bcos it's in eko Atlantic but the price is ridiculous.

  12. I won't buy that shit 10,000$ ,my living room is more cozy & comfortable than that ,my TV is over 100inch & my kitchen is more spacious & model than that crap we put dinning table like that in the bin ,my room is bigger than that ,walking into my bathroom is like the future not that old crap , not even glass wall drop 😏 ,not even LD lights 😂 I bet they are still looking for buyer 😂 ,what a ripoff 😏

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