The 2019 Toyota Camry comes with an all-new design for the Philippine market. Get up close and personal with this executive midsize sedan, in its V variant, through our in-depth unboxing that will feature all of its cabin amenities, exterior details, and mechanical factors that make this a compelling choice in the market.

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39 thoughts on “2019 Toyota Camry 2.5 V AT – AutoDeal Unboxing”

  1. The background music sound not too good switch background music for something that suits the car well because as the category of this car belongs make it a luxury type of background music but some scary animated noises

  2. 181 hp lang to? Pagtatawanan lang ng civic rs to.

    Kapal ng mukha talaga toyota, selling an underpowered car for an over price tag.

  3. This model is such a shame. No 8 speed and hybrid model. I dont know why car makes like to do away with some parts for certain markets

  4. I personally don't like the new front head/grill. This new camry has lost it's elegance unlike the previous gen which the design was just perfect.

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