Improve sexual health and vitality with this 30 min libido boosting yoga flow.

Welcome yogis! This week we’re doing a slow vinyasa flow for sexual health and vitality. This is a great practice to increase your libido and overall sex drive. You can expect quite a few hip openers and emphasis on breathing in this practice. No props required.

This class will work on sexual health by focusing on three different areas:

1 – Physical: We’ll release tension from the hips and pelvis to improve circulation and support a healthy pelvic floor.

2 – Emotional: We’ll show ourselves some love and learn to accept and feel pleasure. This is about healing the emotional relationship you have with your sexuality.

3 – Energetic: We’ll move prana/chi throughout the body to remove blockages that are holding you back from full vitality using breathing and yoga poses.

I was a bit hesitant to create a practice like this online but I know how healing and powerful yoga can be to restore sexual vitality. I truly hope this helps some of you!

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Yoga with Kassandra – Disclaimer
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47 thoughts on “30 min Libido Boosting Yoga Flow”

  1. Hi Cassandra, I have been doing yoga on YouTube with several instructors….but I have decided today with this practice that you are the one…a perfect mix of calmness, speed of practice and right to the point…thank you for your help, after 2 years searching…I am glad I found you…you will b my teacher from now on…

  2. Thank you so much. I had such a revelation today. I have this old belief pattern that tells me I'm unworthy of good things. I think that continual work on opening my sacral chakra can really help!😊

  3. I never had any sex issue but have enjoyed most of it but a quarrel with my GF took me away from the company of females. I used to sit all alone in my college days. One day an old acquaintance came and took me to Planet Ayurveda that gave us the Tribulus Power Pack and some diet tips that I adopted seriously. I have become a sex maniac since then and enjoying my life.

  4. I adore this practice! It makes me feel connected with my body and helps me to appreciate it more. Thank you for your inspiring content 🙏

  5. I liked the poses but you just go way too fast for me. When I get into a pose you’re already moving onto the next one and it’s frustrating

  6. Hey!! I'm new here! This was a very fun practice. I love your explanations and your focus on not only the physical but also the emotional and energetic. Greetings from Mexico City!!

  7. Great sequence – it would go into my favs if it were given more time, like 45 or 60 min. I found myself rushing to catch up.

  8. This was amazing! I felt super tense and irritated the whole day and this levelled me out so fast, it's incredible. Thank you so much! 💕

  9. I an from India.the land of yoga .there are too many people who knows yoga better than you.i am going to ask question to you because I hesitate to talk about it.please tell yoga for long penis and long sex duration.please.and fast.will you wear short clothes for popularity .

  10. Hi Kassandra, thank you for the amazing practice!! I really loved it! And I really loved the nice rubbing on the body during the practice, it is so simple and brings so much just to give oneself a little self love. I think I will just keep on doing it during other practices, felt that good! Thank you again and have a lovely time!

  11. Did this one outside on a hot summer evening, in the shade and a light breeze. 💚 Never occured to me to link hip work with the flow of sexua energy, but it makes perfect sense, obviously. Loved it!

  12. say things like come on feet, toes, soles with ur sexy voice, instructing me what to do. show LOTS of your sexy soles, put feet together, bend a lot showing that beautiful booty in leggings. Lots of slow cat cows and puppy pose swaying booty left, right, back, forth, and circling. Upward dog, cobra, sphinx, laying down booty up. Downward dog swaying and make shirt fall showin back and stomach and foward fold bending towards mee, Touch booty, body and feet a lot, give lots of attention to feet and keep talking sensual. Love your yoga beautiful sexy woman 💙💙

  13. I am so grateful for this practice! And it is so synchronistic! Can’t believe it popped up the moment it did. Thank you! For stepping out of your comfort zone. For reminding me to feel that wave that came over my body and reminded me that I am my own lover and I enjoy my body! Allowing me to be full and complete within myself which is such a truly sexy feeling! Rock it girl!

  14. Loved this practice! It did indeed work on both the physical and emotional levels. It felt "releasing" and "opening". Thanks so much

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