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37 thoughts on “322 – A Short Story | Aleksey Berezin | Solo”

  1. Watch the full game rox.Kis vs. zRage here:

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  2. I've watch Dota games regularly specially the majors this last 2 years and I do recognize the memes and have a vague idea of what they meant but I have no idea what they really mean so I decided to research them this video so good thanks for the great explanations I already heard Solo or 322 being tag for the cis Dota 2 community but that was pretty shocking to me I dont really follow Virtus pros games unless they up against a team that I like to watch but they're pretty good I think solos career was turnaround pretty nicely but that tagged 322 though and I guess he haven't won ti maybe this year he'll get it.

  3. Это фейк видео, 322 это самый ранний ремпейдж в доте 2 (3:22 ) и сделал его Алекскей Solo Березин

  4. EE is 322 so bad it's pretty obvious.. But he keeps getting carried by abed and dj.. Now universe. I hope they investigate that shit since he fEEds so much you'd wonder how the hell did he become a pro

  5. He just got mercedes as MVP in ESL tournament recently, and his team is one of the best team in the world rn, every human deserves a second chance, like this guy. Solo's story is a beautiful redemption story.

  6. Now i know why everytime i bet on vp with low odds they always lose fck solo throwing games for money.. Im so dissapointed

  7. I didn't know the specifics of the story, but now it seems that Solo was the only player who had any hard evidence against him and he was then used as a scapegoat for what happened.

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