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Dota 2 Professional League 2016
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40 thoughts on “322 CONFIRMED on Valve Minor — MATCH FIXING scandal on DPL”

  1. 1 thing for sure you guys to know is, china will not banned by valve even we are all know and threat they are all match fixed cause they pay 50% of betting to esport and valve like battlepass or majhor event

  2. in short about this issue guys ulrica players bet on rock.y f10k and rock.y player bet on ulrica team Think twice Chen and disrup They Running for f10k Race And that was fixed match for 322 items EZ $$ THis issue not new In dota2 Its old style idk this players dont know what they jsut do valve can banned them on league for ever 🙂 Sorry about my english,

  3. So, I think this is what happened. Both teams placed a bet on the opposite team on who gets 10 kills first. So basically before any team get 10 kills first, they are not trying to kill, they are trying their best to be killed without being noticed(failed though). You can see @ 2:40, both teams trying their best NOT to kill each other and trying their best to let others kill themselves. @ 2:42, 9-9, both teams are tied, then disruptor purposely went into tower and auto attack the chen to get the attack animation to him. Whereas, chen trying his best to make opponent team "notice" him and hit him. But both tidehunter and DK did not use any spells and just hit the rax. The best actor award goes to Luna, he could just hit the rax but why din't he do that? Because the Glaives will bounce to the chen and killed him. After disruptor died, he proudly proceed and takes the rax and take his money from his bet. You can clearly see after that, the team played more normally since no bets are involved anymore. Well of course they are other several obvious occasions that proved this point, like puck feeding, tb not tping back to def,monkey fight between ET and distuptor, both heroes press "S" to cancel attack animation(bad acting seriously), tuskar auto hitting tower and died.

  4. So I guess what happened here is Ulrica bribed Rock.Y around "almost 10k" to make them lose on purpose, but they got betrayed when Rock.Y didn't do their part of the deal.

    But funnily enough, both teams shows signs of obvious throwing, especially at the first game when the tier 3 got destroyed.

  5. If they are going to fix the match, why they had to make it so obvious? why don't pretend to play as a normal match with the fixing stuff in mind. They are not even trying to hide that. It's ridiculous.

  6. Just ban them on all dota tournaments. They are bad players anyway. Just use them to set examples to others smh

  7. 2:12 see there's no battle, only tower punching competition from dire side, even tusk and disruptor let themself killed by tower attack

  8. Just like the narrator said, "I don't want to watch." No doubt, this is a fake game. I remember the winter major in Shanghai, sylar said something similar in the Chinese teams, and then he was persecuted for a long time that no club wanted him because he said something he shouldn't say. And this is a small game, the situation is more serious and worse.

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