50 confusing random facts about UK life and British culture! How many of these can you relate to? Is it the same in your country?
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36 thoughts on “50 Weird & Confusing Facts About British Life & Culture”

  1. i must be very very masculine then , only my family have kissed me on the cheek , while drinking a cup of tea , eating my sunday roast 🙂

  2. Londoners don't thank drivers when they get off the bus because the exit door is half way down the bus. I do say thank you when I get on though!

  3. 10% tip at Restaurants is valid only upto 200 pound/euro.
    After that its 5% of entire bill.
    Thats a standard norm .

  4. I wish please and thank you were known by all but these days children are not always taught to be polite. It is something the schools are having to teach because parents havent.

  5. The holding door situation is not true hahaha. Ive been in London for one year and most of the English people did not thank me for holding the door. Mainly people from foreign countries thanked me

  6. i was realy annoyed by carpet its just collecting dirt difficult to clean and its contain alot of spores, bacteria, small hidden creatures , smell … disaster in interior design as in my country using marble !!! very clean very posh and make house more easy to clean and hygienic … no smell mo dirt

  7. Living in NYC at the moment (returning to London next year). No one says 'thank you' when you open a door for them, but I do it still; can't help it. Worse, people will quite literally crash into you in the street – everyone is in a hurry – and no one ever says 'excuse me'. And New Yorkers don't quite understand what a queue is (nor do they care).

  8. I like the British way of life minus the heinous colonialism of the past. They robbed India massively. I think politeness would've been way more useful then. Anyway, Nice Video Lucy!

  9. Yeah, seven hundred sorry and thank you but you are incredibly FAKE. at least Spaniards jump the queues but we are honest to a fault

  10. When saying British what's really meant is snobby, posh, middle class English folk. Let's be honest here it;s those that ooze and sweat arrogance and snootiness.

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