Here are a few things to make your VR life a little easier. These are all things that I have learned over the past few years in VR that have certainly improved my experience. Whether you have an oculus rift, valve index, or htc vive, any of these will help.

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32 thoughts on “7 VR Hacks and Tips to Make Your Virtual Life Easier”

  1. I hear some rumors that putting the cloth inside the frunk may not always be the best idea due to heat.  I usually do the first tip anyways (hence the hole). Either way, do whatever you like best!

    Also the last tip is best tip.  Links are right here.

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  2. How do you get the cloth off to clean it? They do get dirty, more so if you let it touch the ground or any dirty surface, and require to be hand washed to clean. So again, how do you get it of to clean without it being a hassle?

  3. Found many of those ideas for myself but still really good video on this topic, keep it up
    My fav games so far
    Chroma Lab (particles)
    Cosmic Sugar (particles)
    Blade & Sorcery (ragdolls n stuff, many mods)
    Pavlov VR (obviously, it's great)
    McOsu (much better than Beat Saber in my opinion, free)
    Accounting+ (great comedy)
    Portal Stories VR (Community mod I think, it's a nice puzzler)
    No Mans Sky/Elite Dangerous (only flew around in a Spaceship yet)
    Tabletop Simulator (if you play it anyways already/have friends, but you have to remap the buttons, it's weird otherwise)
    Subnautica (never played it, but saw lets plays and I imagine it to be great in VR)
    Compound (only played the demo but it's totally surreal to be in a pixelated world, look it up)

    I don't like Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades that much actually, but it's very popular so I put it here
    I just bought Modbox and Combar Tested, haven't played them yet, but they look great.

  4. I have been trying to record my Audio in NVIDIA Shadow play..when I go to play it back I don't hear my voice..I just wanted to do some VR gameplay for YouTube..any suggestions would be great..really just trying to use my Valve Index mic for recording while I make videos..

  5. I have got studio audio equipment and I need to say that voicemeeter is kinda trash.. I also heard that it needs some performance in VR

  6. The IRL fan is really a great tip I would recommend to everyone. Apart from the plus sides you’ve already mentioned, there is also some research into using a fan/wind to reduce motion sickness. As your body/brain is used to some wind while moving your brain will easier accept movement in VR which does not translate to IRL movement.

  7. If I`m on a longish session I always carry a hip flask of water with one of those nozzle heads that allows you to drink without spilling water. You can use it and not take the VR off. It won`t wet the Vr. Perfect.

  8. When my friend first showed me his vive, he made me play Richies Plank Experience as a "Initiation". He also does this for everyone else that tries it for the first time. Now that I have a vive I keep that same tradition going.

  9. I use the RIft S in my basement and i have no issues with heat or fog…usually i get some little fog in the first 5 minutes of use and then it goes away and dont come back.

  10. This works with HTC vive. If you like seated games such as racing or flight sims then make sure you set up your play space boundary with your seat in mind. That is, if you have space make your play area smaller so that your seated position is outside the play area. That way you don't have the boundary screen appearing at all.

    For more adventurous users download the advanced setup software for htc vive. This gives you a lot more control over your play space. But, as usual, use at your own risk.

    Normal setup applies to rest though as you still need headset visible to your base stations (just saying).

  11. I use the pully system for a year and it's good just as long as you can get the cord to hold perfect. and the wireless adaptor needs to be charged so this is better imo

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