How to use blog post categories to a wordpress menu.


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33 thoughts on “Add category Page links to your wordpress menu”

  1. Hey i did the same , but when i click on the category on the menu , it says " Not Found
    The requested URL /category/test/ was not found on this server. " i'm using the version 3.9

  2. thanks Jenn, this video realy help me. lot of hours losed to me to find this. before i search (how to put post under page) but know i get (how to put post under category) and its realy same (to put post under page and to put post under category) sorry for my broking english.

  3. thanks for this, as like a lot of people was going around the net for a long time trying to figure this out, big cheers

  4. Hello , it is easy to do this if your website by one language , but if yours  is bilingual and you use q translate plugin , it is difficult , because any category  is created will show up on the both menus .   please do you know how i can sort out the issue ?  thanks  

  5. It is possible to post on a category and not make the post visible on the home as well ? Cause when I upload a post on a category, the post show both on the category as well as on the post

  6. I'm so glad I found your vid!

    I kept finding videos that involved downloading a plug-in, which also involves having a premium wordpress blog (I only have a free one).

    Thanks so much!

  7. Thank you Jenn! This is exactly what I was looking for without all the jargon! Speaking for all the WordPress Newbies, you are the best! Thanks again.

  8. Thank you ever so much Jenn! You have shown a simple way of creating the same effect unlike other video tutorials !!

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