The newly annownced Amazfit Stratos 3 is the first company watch with a proper gym functionality, with sets and resting, that can actually track your TRX/gym/functional training workouts.


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10 thoughts on “Amazfit Stratos 3 multisports watch Fitness / Gym functionality”

  1. What are those stupid numbers in the crown of the watch? i hope its only a prototype and not the comercial unit…..

  2. Is it possible to program sets/reps depending on training profile? (ie: 1 day upper body, 1 day lower body = 2 different profiles with different reps/sets/test times). Thanks

  3. When I asked on aliexpress they mentioned end of October for availability. Not super cheap at Singapore $280 but looks good and seem solidly built. Interested in the Elite version at my end. Hopefully I can find a worldtimer face…

  4. Lag and lag the time show in screen is no the same than later show after pusch botton. The rest time starts everytime 2 o three seconds later

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