Go camping with Baldi android demo of Baldi’s Basics Field Trip!

In this field trip, you go camping with Baldi. Your goal is to keep the fire alive for three minutes. You can play it safe by throwing small amounts of firewood onto the fire, or you can take a riskier strategy by trying to gather a lot of pieces of firewood and throw them in all at once. Extra fuel gets converted into big points! Of course, in the full game, higher scores will get you better rewards!

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45 thoughts on “ANDROID GAMEPLAY!? Baldi's Basics Field Trip demo | RIP OFF”

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  2. baldi:lets go camping


    *now in full game*

    baldi: lets go camping let me touch ya

    me:ok 😏

    baldi and me:*goes camping*

    baldi: *touches*

    *100 touches later*

    me: that was sexy 😏

    the end

  3. IULTIM please dont unnistal this game… if you bored dont unnistall!!! Because MSYTMAN12 has report to PLAY STORE a peole copy he game!!! now this game has been banned

  4. Is it okay that I like this ripoff better than the original game? Besides with the ad for a stick, this looks great. I like how a lot of things are 3D in this version, and not just flat. (2D) I enjoy how most, or at least some things have a new texture. Baldi’s animations are great too. ( when he’s explaining to you to keep the fire going, and all that.) But, please don’t hate on me! I am just saying reasons why this demo might be better than the original demo.

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