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44 thoughts on “ArmA 3 has a really great new cold war DLC for $20”

  1. ""ArmA 3 has a really great new cold war DLC for $20""
    your insane crazy, this game has SHIT SLC and way to expensive, and the way they try to sell it to us is even more SHIT
    they even make you wait with loggingout just so we can look at their adverticement, this game is at its base good, but all the extra DLC is being sold in a SHIT way!!!!!!!!!!!, i have never seen such a god aweful way of sellign DLC!!!.
    this game is 4 years old yet it has plenty of bugs and tends to crash a LOT!!!! its a god damn miscreation!, last time i ever bought a arma game!.

  2. So…. OperatorDrewski… Im new and wonder what mission you play or operations… is it selfmade or some Workshop content? (Arma 3)

  3. I played the original Arma 3 campaign and thought they couldn't possibly make anything worse… Apparently I was wrong.

  4. Drewski getting a decently average, fairly unimpressive sniper kill at close to medium range

  5. Heroes and Generals is a WW2 game, anyone who calls it a cold war game deserves a dislike! and btw H&G is totally crap anyways.. A real Cold war game would be Wargame: ALB/Red Dragon

  6. Epic dlc thanks bohemia interactive.

    maybe like make sure your "user created content" is made by someone with more then 1 week of modding experience.

  7. arma 3 (+ dlc) is so expensive. id love to get it but the prices are kinda ridiculous. ive heard that its hard to find a good server with no dlc. at least the summer sale is close

  8. 5:15 Report of an soldier from the cold war (wich didn't happened)
    Ex soldier : oh yea there was a bunch of east germans that just wouldn't die so i just shot an he on them
    Arma 3 devs : sounds… good.

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