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43 thoughts on “Baker (Bjergsen + Faker ) – Team Ice vs Team Fire – Tandem Mode – ALL STAR 2016”

  1. I miss this kind of All-star, now its just so boring for me, its support to be a fun event for pro players and fan, now with all the streamer and famous people and suck rules:(

  2. one of the best all stars tandem games ever,
    also there was that other one with diamond prox w/ mlxg i think, they went full 2v18 on hec

  3. 8:56 Vayne uses 3rd then thresh flayed em back the stun that was supposed to happen did not occur because it didn't connect to the wall? Thresh canceled it? Wow that shit.

  4. eh idk why no ones commenting on this but how can bjerg and faker communicate lol????????/
    Faker doesn't know how to speak english

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