Hey you guys! Check out what Lake Bled activities we did, including Bled Castle, in my Lake Bled video! I share how some of how cheap it is in Bled, Slovenia, as well as where to stay and what to eat in Bled, Slovenia (Pizzeria Gallus, and don’t forget to try the famous Bled Cream Cake). This will answer the “why travel to Bled, Slovenia?” question you may be asking yourself with nothing but positive things to do in Bled, Slovenia! We thoroughly enjoyed our Lake Bled day trip and strongly recommend that when in the area, make sure to visit Lake Bled (Blejsko Jezero) and Bled Castle (Blejski Grad). I also share our brief (not by choice) time at Vintgar Gorge nearby. Hope you find my travel tips for Slovenia helpful! Please give the video a thumbs-up and leave a comment for us… And, as always, thank you for living life! 😊

Bled Castle:
Pizzeria Gallus:
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30 thoughts on “Bled Castle Slovenia”

  1. Slovenia is one of the few European countries we've never been to. Great to see what there is to explore. The printing press was pretty cool :).

  2. Unfortunately, the castle was closed when we were there but it looks interesting. Did you take the walk around the lake?

  3. Oh no, such a shame the gorge was locked! That blue water would have been beautiful further on. I'm sure they had good reason but still that sucks!
    The castle looks so interesting – love the shot through the well! And loved seeing the process of printing and doing the wax seal.

  4. Ah I miss that beautiful blue river and lake water in Slovenia! Stunning drone shots over Bled and I thought the music really captured that winter exploration feeling – great job! Makes me want to go back see it all in Winter. Shame that you couldn't get into the gorge but I guess it's dangerous at that time… Did you guys drive up to the castle? We climbed up the stairs and it was exhausting 😂 Loved Aprils monologue at the castle! Gotta love the Bled cake too! Always enjoy your little chats about travel too, I think its awesome that you leave it right until the last minute

  5. Love the cinematic slow motion of the river! Amazing how you had the place to yourselves. Lake Bled looks like a landscape straight out of a fairytale, especially with that gorgeous castle. It's a shame about the oath to the gorge though!

  6. How cool! I love Bled Castle just sits on the water like that. Such a fairy tale . I love that you got to make a printing press souvenir. That pizza looked pretty yummy too! Ok that's it I am going to Solvenia.

  7. The best feeling. Visit a tourist spot and being empty 😀😀 haha I want to visit you guys in your new home. But of course I’d have to ask permission to the queen 😅😅

  8. I enjoyed watching your videos in slovenia, so how was your new home? (bled castle) 😊
    Bled castle is worth to visit that panoramic view is breathtaking as well as the bled lake.. maybe the pizza they forgot to cut it before they serve you, you didn’t complain?

  9. Wow the hike is too amazing, minus locked door. I get the WC excitement, I have peed in odd places in Europe lol. The castle is bleedy (ha ha) interesting. They don't call it an ink PRESS for nothing! And a bledy good cake!

  10. That's great that Bled Castle sponsored your video! How nice of that guy at 8:06 to record him doing the experience. I always wanted to make a stamp like that in the old days!!

  11. I love Slovenia. The castle is impressive. Very nice detailed scenes, good editing. And the lake with the background mountains is so beautiful. Pizza looks delicious :-). Great video , my thumb is up.

  12. Perfect drone shot up the side of the castle totally gave an amazing perspective to it. I dream of spots like this! Old world Europe is mesmerizing. I hope I get to it before it changes too much!

  13. Tell me about a castle you enjoyed exploring! And what's the most beautiful lake you have ever seen in person?

  14. Oh no, locked??? I guess that's why you had the place to yourselves ;p Such a bummer! Haha, April's got a castle. Beautiful views of the lake and mountains. Gotta love the wax seal! I've had corn on pizza but not sour cream. You guys need to download the ID90 Travel app and check hotel prices on that. They have great last minute deals. 🙂 Yay, you got into an Airbnb. Your patience paid off!

  15. It looks so beautiful there. I really want to visit Slovenia and Croatia but in the summer. Too bad about the closed trail. It looked like it would have been amazing.

  16. I'm in Rovinj in a couple of weeks and thought about a day trip to Lake Bled and Ljubljana but decided against it 🙁 Hope to visit Slovenia this or next year. I love the drone shots of the castle. Oh that's a cool print with the wax sign! I always wanted to receive a letter with a wax sign, haha. Pizza is always good! Oh I'm german, I need to plan beforehand.. everything, haha! can't Imagine going anywhere without booking a place to sleep lol

  17. I enjoyed watching how you book hotels…Nik books all ours months in advance…the polar opposite but we both end up at great places. Nice job. c/t

  18. That’s a real same the gate was locked. The castle was pretty cool. How much did they charge to get in there. Was nice to see there was interactive activities as well

  19. Woah!! We've been hearing more and more about Lake Bled and the castle in Slovenia… Honestly it looks so gorgeous! Too bad that path to the gorge was closed 🙁 the nature landscape is breathtaking there. Haha April made us laugh so much when pretending the castle was her home and she was the queen, hahaha!! Love that shot at 4:10.

  20. I haven't been to Slovenia. That stinks that the place had a padlock on it. It looks beautiful. I can only imagine the history and stories there. The lake view is gorgeous.

  21. We've never been to Slovenia, but this video makes us want to visit this place in the near future. Bled Castle looks so amazing and the view at the top around @ 4:40 mark, looks breathtaking! It's unfortunate you weren't able to get through the gate to the Vintgar Gorge would have love to see what it looked like, but the it looked gorgeous on your pathway there in the beginning. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I wished I stayed longer in Slovenia, I was there on a driving visit to get to Croatia. It looks amazing and the food looks unreal. Never expected to find pizza in a Balkan country!

  23. Hey, we ate at that exact same pizza place when we were there last time! I loved the spicy pizza they make (can't remember the name). For the number of times I've been to Bled, I'm ashamed to say I never have made it up to the Castle. We did, however, make it to the toboggan ride (Straza Bled), which we posted a video on a few years ago. You do travel on the edge though, don't you? I really have to make my reservations super early. Waiting to find a place until we're there…just couldn't do it.

  24. Hey, you're in my country now 😀 How do you like it so far? About pizza, didn't know that was our thing, but yeah, you get pizza normally as a whole, and you cut it with knife and fork, but you can also say to get it cut in slices… Now you know 🙂

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