Boonie Hat History Mods And Styles

In this video my good friend Jaime joins me to talk about boonie hats. He talks about the history behind the hat and also explains the different styles and mods to the boonie style hat.

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31 thoughts on “Boonie Hat History Mods And Styles”

  1. I have been wondering that boonie hat with shortest brim for MACV-SOG and CCS of Vietnam War. Very hard to find black boonie hat shortest brim….not easy to find rare vintage boonie hat

  2. Does anybody know which brand this hat is or what type of hat sun hot weather bonnie this is, because it looks like a military surplus and there are different types of sun hat hot weather out there. Where can i purchase a hat like that. This hat looks more tough stiffer and made out of a thicker material than all the boonie hats you can buy that are remake. Thank you

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Yes! I purchased a larger size contractor-style boonie hat in multicam, and sewed multiple rows of 1 inch webbing on the brim, the top and all around the sides.
    I have about 20 feet of 550-cord, small ferro rod, wrist compass in the webbing.
    Within the interior pocket, I store a fresnel lens and a 1 gallon ziploc freezer bag.

  4. The crushed front is to get the top 'profiled'/back higher for 'sucking' hot air in the higher part a bit (adding a few hollow straws between the back and/or sides of your head & the hat improves air 'flow' too..) as well as keeping more shaded material near the face (which once 'wet' with water and/or sweat, keeps some 'freshness' where feeling it is 'comfortable'/morale+..). Quick roll up the front for fresh breeze on the face, quick roll down for insect protection/better camouflage.
    One tactical tip : a mirror surface on the angled flat top makes the adversary aim more difficult on day time as well as reflecting some heat.

  5. Good Talk!

    Jaime always has some interesting things to say!

    By the way…do you guys have a good source for purchasing the Boonie hats?

  6. One thing I have learned is that if you buy a USMC Boonie hat while visiting Parris Island
    And wear it on YouTube some people will accuse you of stolen valor. Interestingly enough. Those are usually people who have never served in the military.

  7. I think you'll find that the Australian Army Bush Hat also influenced this design during the Vietnam war when we fought alongside the US.

  8. Very informative! Additionally, the interior “pocket” in some models is great for small documents, cash, ear plugs, and…a back-up condom. Always use protection… 😎

  9. I have to find a good hat like the ones you presented in this video, because I sweat a lot of the head. It's really weird. I do not sweat under my armpits or even in the back, but especially from the head, like a lawn sprinkler, lol

  10. Nice video. Always wear my boonie during practice and the hunt. I kinda roll up the front right corner a little on mine for bowstring clearance at full draw.

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