New Gym Feature Teaser Trailer!
Be All About Them Gains!
Stay tuned because we have more Boxing Star videos coming your way!

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17 thoughts on “[BoxingStar] New Gym Feature Teaser Trailer! (1.6.0 Update)”

  1. Good 재미있게 플레이하고있습니다. 이런게임이 적은게 현실인데요 이런게임 많이 만들어주세요.

  2. William Shin, i am having lagging issues when ever I hit the opponent, I put the quality on low and still lags. Plz fix this issue. Btw love the gym it helps a lot.

  3. -Expand season prize payouts to top 20.
    -Bring back roll option grades with gold.
    -guaranteed epics in league 9 exotic boxes and swap 5.
    -Retain gear lock after grade ups.

    Just some simple and easy changes for quality of life, and make players happy. They spend more with increased competition and happiness!

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