Air Asia Brisbane to Bangkok Flight Experience for massively low fare $229

Air Asia commenced its first Brisbane to Bangkok flight in July 2019. The promotion sale was heavily advertised on TV and social media. It’s one of the best sale Australia to thailand fares on offer and though it received a mix of reviews, I still booked because of the good fare deal.

First the flight schedule; the Bne to Bkk route has four flights a week leaving Brisbane on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Flight departs at 12:50 pm and on this flight we left at gate 80 which is good because it’s just right at the centre of the departure lounge. I only had a 7kg hand carry baggage with me. A 20kg check in luggage costs $60 which I didn’t avail as I want to try this flight the most economical way. Online check in is available 7 days prior departure, I checked in the day before and didn’t opt for seat selection. I got a seat at the very back which I really don’t mind considering the price I paid for. However, I pre ordered two meals so I can show them to you here (taste quality is ok, paid $7 each meal including a free drink; coffee and tea). Preordering meals worked out cheaper than buying them on board $10 each with no free drink and some of the dishes are not available if you order them on the plane. By the way, currency used on board is Thai baht. You can pay AU$ (change will be in baht) exchange rate was AU$1 to B20. They also accept credit cards but you must spend at least B300

At the check in counter I asked the staff if the flight is full and he replied it’s isn’t so. Felt relieved as the Sydney flight I was on a few moths ago was full.

Brisbane international airport is quite nice, the departure lounge seemed to be renovated not too long ago. Several lounge chairs can be found and few more dining places were added. The duty free shop looked like it got revamped too and had more choices. Prices are similar to other duty free shops in Australia. You can check the video here, it might give you an idea what to shop and how much they cost.

Boarding commenced but few minutes delayed. And yes, nice to know that there weren’t too many passengers this time. So boarding went through fairly quick. I was seated almost at the very far end. It seemed the section where I was seated is where most of the passengers are allocated our seats. I was quite surprised how this flight is like half full with rows and rows of empty seats in the middle section. Plane took off at 1:10 pm. The air atmosphere outside is dusty. You’ll notice haze on Brisbane but it’s actually dust as it was quite windy and it’s been dry for almost three months .

I really enjoyed the flight isn’t full. Food service is early and quick. Lavatories are clean and kept tidy all the time. Mid flight I managed to secure a full empty row (three seats) for myself. I’m glad I didn’t paid extra for this flight and felt i got great value for $229

Please try to finish watching the whole video, I know it’s long but you will see the types of dishes on offer, the seating layout, etc.

Thanks for watching!


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