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37 thoughts on “Building self-confidence”

  1. u r confident because your face is good, ur smile is good…u have perfect figured body by god's grace…your voice is also tempting others..u r rich……so there is no reason for not being confident…

  2. Goodmorning. I usually start my Day by meditation but I guess that I'm going to start by watching your videos because seriously your voice calmed me this morning lol.I wish you can make a guide meditation app . Much love <3

  3. Thank you 🙂 my tips are: learning, practice, preparation and persistence as you beautifully explained, and also reminding ourselves of our strengths and abilities

  4. I unsubscribed when I saw you were doing these self help-ish videos. Please don’t become a person who makes videos about things they barely know about, like mindfulness. You seem to have more integrity than that. Thich Nat Hahn can speak about mindfulness, you should not.

  5. The ability to speak in front of my cohort and not worry about being judged. To get through public speaking in school without having to feel so anxious; like I genuinely cannot breathe.

    And definitely, to be able to have a good conversation w/ anyone without it being awkward.

  6. I didn't know that I needed this video until you uploaded. It was really helpful. And yes, we all missed your tea time chats❤️

  7. Thank you this helps, I have too much to go but was not feeling confident. Let me try this way. And good luck with the Dutch. I am trying to speak German too. Not easy. But possible. 🙂

  8. Hi I’m from the Netherlands! I’m sure you’ll speak dutch very well! It’s really just a matter of practice… I know dutch is hard😅 But you can do it 🍀

  9. This is your first video that i've watched it now. Really fall in love with your voice, smiley face and content. You are really amazing and i think this video is going to help me a lot to build my self-confidence in all aspects of life. Thank you so much for making such amazing video.
    Love from Lahore, Pakistan.

  10. Hii there.. It's Pallavi.. I want to overcome a fear that I can't make a good conversation in public.. May be u can help it..

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