Can You Beat Minecraft Using Only a Mouse? Minecraft is all about giving the player full control, so today, we’re taking all that away, and we’re going to beat the game without a keyboard. To beat the game with just a mouse, we’ll have to learn our limited controller options and find different methods to what we take for granted in a regular run. For this challenge run, the rules are simple: at no point during the run are we ever allowed to control Steve with anything but a mouse. So let’s get our hotkeys ready, stash up some macros, and unplug the keyboard for this No Keyboard challenge. It’s time for another Skip the Tutorial Is it Possible challenge, as we try to beat the ender dragon in this Only Mouse run.

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Music Used:
[0:00] “Blocks” / Minecraft
[0:57] “Living Mice” / Minecraft
[1:24] “Door” / Minecraft
[2:39] “Wet Hands” / Minecraft
[3:58] “Mice on Venus” / Minecraft
[5:09] “Sweden” / Minecraft
[6:27] “Haggstrom” / Minecraft
[7:42] “Subwoofer Lullaby” / Minecraft
[8:56] “Danny” / Minecraft
[10:48] “Cat” / Minecraft

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23 thoughts on “Can You Beat Minecraft Using Only a Mouse? – No Keyboard Challenge”

  1. 10 years of mining diamonds and banning people from Christian Minecraft servers, happy 10th anniversary, Minecraft

  2. There is acctualy a way to find youre y coordinate without F3.
    All you have to do is build up to the hight limit (255) and mine down and count you're blocks.
    Just mine down 242 blocks and you will be at y-13

  3. Simple solution 05= start of the bedrock so you just need to go up some block when you first see bedrock , then just strip mine

  4. how to beat minecraft without a keyboard: strap the keyboard to your mouse and pretend it isn't a keyboard anymore.

  5. Its called branch mining not strip mining… Strip mining it STRIPING all the materials from an area. Branch mining is mining is branch patterns.

  6. … He forgot about the most usefull tool of the game. THE COMPASS, which always points to your spawn/bed location

  7. The highest level of bedrock will be on Y coordinate 4, so dig up 7 or 8 blocks depending on whether you want Y eleven or twelve, and you’ll be where you want 😀

  8. "So all we can do is crouch, walk forward, jump, use our inventory, and obviously left and right click."

    You just listed every control you can do. The lack of F3 does not stop strip mining, it just hinders it. The highest bedrock layer in the overworld is 5, so count up from there. The controls you didn't list there aren't even close to hindering you. You can't drop items, and you can't equip a shield without opening the inventory (you can equip shields through the inventory, so the challenge only prohibits equipping shields quickly).

    Why did you bother making the video if I only have to watch 35 seconds to know the answer?

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