See ALL of Catalina’s appearances from GTA III and GTA San Andreas.

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Featured Missions
(00:10) First Date (GTA SA)
(01:09) Tanker Commander (GTA SA)
(02:43) First Base (GTA SA)
(05:16) Local Liquor Store (GTA SA)
(09:04) Gone Courting (GTA SA)
(11:23) Against All Odds (GTA SA)
(13:46) Made in Heaven (GTA SA)
(15:23) Small Town Bank (GTA SA)
(18:59) Wu Zi Mu (GTA SA)
(19:34) Farewell, My Love… (GTA SA)
(23:37) Introduction (GTA III)
(24:23) Cutting The Grass (GTA III)
(25:04) Grand Theft Aero (GTA III)
(26:31) Espresso-2-Go! (GTA III)
(27:03) S.A.M (GTA III)
(27:49) Kingdom Come (GTA III)
(28:26) Ransom (GTA III)
(28:39) The Exchange (GTA III)

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41 thoughts on “Catalina (GTA III & GTA SA)”

  1. Well, to be realistic, I cannot in any way link Catolina in San Andreas and the GTA 3, not in terms of appearance, clothing, face, or color, even as a completely different woman just only the same voice 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Claude, Gordon Freeman, and Chell seem to have something in common when it comes to silent protagonists… but Claude is an enigma who chooses not to talk, Gordon apparently doesn't need to communicate. At least all three of them can gesture and use voice synthesizers.

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