Chip ‘n Dale – Rescue Rangers (NES version)


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24 thoughts on “Chip 'n Dale – Rescue Rangers (NES)”

  1. i have this game when i was kid that was good game my memories i still remember her in the night before dinner i play her so much it was so cool 😀

  2. Oh no, que nostalgia, me acuerdo de estos juegos y todavía los tengo y termine este juego entre muchos…hoy aquí estoy recordando mi niñes,..25-12-2019..

  3. I definitely remember playing this game for hours because it may have been the first videogame that I ever beat. Thanks for the vid. BK

  4. Finished this game on the first try with my sister. We called back the shop to ask if that was it. Games were so expensive. Biggest disappointment of my gamer life (along dragon's lair NES, for other reasons)

  5. I played this game on ps1 with my sister still my fav game by far on ps1 including ice climber but then i realized i played the 2nd part

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