Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers -Remastered- (PC) All Zones Clear! — Watch live at


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26 thoughts on “Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers -Remastered- (PC) All Zones Clear!”

  1. I wish the music was still the same style.Now it doesn't have the same magic.I like the new graphics and all but i honestly am not really bought into it :/ Maybe because i grew up on the original was my favorite game back then

  2. I really, really hate the artstyle of this, if it even is one.
    Could someone change all the textures of this to the original ones?

    It will make the game more enjoyable.

  3. Who's behind of this remakes, also the castlevania. I probably play all the games I played when I was a kid in the remakes.

  4. Wow, very nicely done whoever made this. I like what you did with the casino boss. Fat Cat still creeps me out…he's a scary looking mofo, LOL. Especially when his eyes bugged out after being defeated.

  5. Это не прохождение, это йобань! Играть не умеешь вообще!

  6. This remake seems to be great in pretty much all aspects and is made in good taste, however there seem to be some uncalled for elements. The author decided to modernize the setting a bit by adding present day items into the levels, like the charging smartphone and LCD-monitor (with branding to boot).

  7. I know the author (some Russian guy) was hoping to remake Rescue Rangers 2! Any news on that front? Did he scrap all the plans???

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