Color Calibration in Windows 10


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13 thoughts on “Color Calibration in Windows 10”

  1. how come when I run this wizard, there are no tools to help me adjust my screen . for example, when I get to the neutral grays I don't see any sidebars on the bottom? wtf?

  2. Hiya, I accidently made my calibration way off, and I cant figure out how to make it reset to the default. Any help on how to reset it to the normal condition I bought it in?

  3. I[ve used this walkthrough to calibrate my display but the problem is that everytime I turn off my computer or put it in hybernation mode it goes back to the same configuration when i turn on my computer again, it does that everytime, how do I save this? Any thoughts. Thanks

  4. where did you adjust brightness and contrast ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. wtf its not like that for me well it used to but i got my computer reset and now its not got the bit were i can achually ajust my brightness and my gamma

  6. Nice walk-through. It was helpful to see the screens you showed and calibrate my colors at the same time. I was flipping back and forth between the two. Thanks for the video.

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