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5 thoughts on “Connecting The Teachings of Neville Goddard and the Practice of Yoga”

  1. Hahah , I had exactly the same experience…… simply all day and all night listening when I found him and now I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Love your readings too , I really appreciate the slow delivery and repeating sentences, it works 😃🙏🏻

  2. I really enjoy listening to you Josiah I just absorb every word. Amazing I really admire what you are about! This myself pushed is the best. Kudos always !!

  3. I find it interesting how words like yoga and even meditation are used in this culture in such a generic way as if they are all the same. It would be great to see people distinguish what kind they are referring to. Hatha yoga is just one type and is meant for people who gravitate to body-oriented work, initially, at least. Yoga is also not limited to one culture, one finds by studying Eastern teachings in general.

    Some yoga teaching along those lines can have a superficiality or a New Age interpretation. It could be argued that, in that case, this treatment of yoga reveals a subsuming of the ancient teachings into a more Western, diluted idea and means. That's neither good or bad, but it is worth noting the potential impact. Often, the progressive stages of practice were transmitted and protected by lineages. There are many yogas that are not based on asanas at all for instance.

    It seems that a "teacher" would indicate the type as a matter of fact and out of respect to potential students and listeners.

    When people say they meditate, (which could simply be translated as "to cultivate") the same applies because the word has a very general and inclusive meaning, basically. If we are to treat the teachings and subjects at hand with respect and professionally then it does help to specify what is being talked about explicitly.

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