Brandon talks about some basic tools and layers in Adobe Photoshop CS4, all while making an awesome stick figure!

Recording software [Camtasia Studio], Microphone [Audio-Technica AT3035]


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24 thoughts on “CS4 Tools & Layers (Part 1 of 2) – Photoshop CS4 Beginner Tutorial HD”

  1. thanks for the video Sir!! I've learned a lot of new things, I also created my own stick figure 🙂 heheh, thanks again Sir!! xD

  2. Ctrl+Z (PC) / Cmd+Z (Mac) is the shortcut to undo. If you want to undo multiple steps, you need to "step back" with Ctrl+Alt+Z / Cmd+Opt+Z.

  3. I had the same problem and look you made a comment about it.Thanks alot.Im learning alot from you.I am truly appreciative of this.=]

  4. ummm….hi i jest got photoshop and i dont now how to use it at all. coloring is the big problem for me. when ever time i try to change a color it wont listen to me and it stays in the same color can you help me please ill be super happy 😀

  5. @Slorafossen ummm… I don't think .10 is a default file? If you want to save as a file you can edit later, then save them as .psd files. If you just want to save as a picture, then save as a .jpeg file.

  6. @NightwishTransformer – Don't really know what the problem is there.. Instead, try using Shift+Backspace and go from there.

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