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31 thoughts on “Del Potro & Wawrinka Win In First Round; Rain Halts Tsitsipas | Queen’s 2019 Highlights Day 3”

  1. High-quality video! Keep making good content and you can expect to expand quick! Subscribe to our channel and then we can subscribe to you!

  2. What is Shapalovs problem??? He walks on court like a gangster and swinging with his head like a chicken . He really need to change his body bahaviors !

  3. del Potro always looks as if he's loafing along, giving maybe 80% but he wins anyway. I guess when you're that big a bit of loafing is acceptable.

  4. Stan's backhand was incredible today. On his least favourite surface he hit every single backhand with pace and precision and great consistency. It blows my mind how Roger Federer's backhand has been so underwhelming for the past couple of months, like he forgot how to hit it. How can a player of his calibre settle for such an average shot. When he gets in topspin backhand rallies he almost always loses the rally unless he slices. He hits like 3 good topspin backhand winners every match and the rest he puts in the middle of the net, or they land short, or he slices (often to little effect). It was insane how he took the ball super early in the first half of 2017 and now that shot comes out like once every set. A Mystery?

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