Hey you guys! This week’s Go Travel On The Cheap Croatian travel vlog is a taste of some top things to do in Split, Croatia. We are in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, which palace you Games Of Thrones fans are familiar with. On our Split walking tour, we eat some yummy Croatian gelato and contemplate the question, why do dogs sniff each other’s butts. ;-D We show you where to eat in Split Croatia as we explore Old Town Split, Croatia. We share things to know before you go to Split, Croatia…and we highly recommend you travel to Split! Please share our video with a friend, and like always, thank you for living life! 😊

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28 thoughts on “Diocletian’s Palace | Split Croatia”

  1. I've been to Zagreb in Croatia but never Split and I want to go back as the old town looks amazing. Also just Subbed, you guys are so fun to watch

  2. Good to know that we need to carry change and small bills.. Glad April got her gelato! Looks yummy! Croatia is definitely on our list!

  3. The toilet problem, always an issue in a foreign country when you don't know where to go. Thank you for taking me back into the small alleys of Split.

  4. Anywhere that takes place in an "Old Town" and I'm interested! I seriously try to travel to old towns in Europe as much as possible. I also want that strawberry gelato. LOL.

  5. I see Croatia has a theme on styles in the alleys. Looks like Dubrovnik. Sooo I agree, pigeons are dirty birds but are also smart. They were used as messenger birds in Turkey. But I still can’t stand them. Now I have forgotten what else I was going to say after my disgust with birds lol.

  6. Oh, this brings back memories… the Diocletian Palace is a really fun place to stay in! I had a room right inside it, and waking up in the mornings I pretended I was living in the castle back in the day 👸 😀 Did you guys manage to go to any of the islands near there? My favourite was Vis – I went years ago but apparently it was used to film Mamma Mia 2 recently

  7. Split looks like a nice place to visit! The old town is great to wonder around and eat some gelato. P.s thanks for the tip to carry change around, I'm sure it will come in handy in many cities. Thanks for the video!

  8. Oh man, it's been a few years since I've been in Europe and you just reminded me of what it's like having to pay for all the toilets. Haha, I like your sense of humour. I also like to chase the pigeons 😛

  9. Split was so quiet, when were you there? I was there in summer and it was mega crowded, no fun really. Too bad the pizza was not so great. :s

  10. Wooo Split! We arrived there at about 5am after a sleeper train. It was pretty call walking around the streets with nobody there. Especially around the palace. It got pretty lively in the town during the evenings! Hahaha I've often wondered that about dogs too! The conversations you have when you travel eh?

  11. We have missed you guys sorry weve been MIA we were gone for a couple weeks and then I got home and got sick and we just had a bad storm roll through our city and we have been without power now for 2 plus days! Looks like you guys are having fun in Croatia love the palace and the old architecture. Is it cold there? Love Game of Thrones by the way so I would so be there!

  12. Aaah, yes…the pay bathrooms. Foreign to us here in the U.S. ;p Food tastes so good in Europe…so fresh! My daughters love the pigeons.

  13. It's amazing to see all of the old builds and to see the shape that therein. I would have to agree with April some gelato would sound good.

  14. Split hahaha what a funny name! Yeah Gelato must be good in that region! It right in front of Italy! Man! I want some pizza now!

  15. I think walking tours are truly one of my favorite ways to see a new place. It's such a great way to get up close and personal with any new city/country/town etc.

  16. Funny, I was thinking about Croatia earlier. You got off cheaper for the bathroom lol. As soon as I saw the buildings I was like oooo Game of Thrones! Lol wow throwback to Elmira. Loved that.

  17. You'll see paid bathrooms quite a lot in Europe too! Croatia isn't somewhere thatd been on our radar but it looks like really cute place. Especially with all the stone walls and tunnels

  18. I liked following your car journey at the start! It's weird that you have to pay to use the bathroom. Would they rather you peed on the floor? 😂 That ice cream does look amazing. Yay for chasing pigeons! Reminds me of my childhood, haha. If you get pooped on by a bird, it's meant to be good luck.

  19. The only place I've visited in Croatia is Plitvice Lakes National Park, but I would love to go back and visit Split, Dubrovnik, and other beautiful places. You guys are so funny, I love your jokes and vlogging style

  20. I briefly visited Split. It's a cute little town but I didn't get to visit th Palace. Thanks for showing us around. Btw, those cartoon clips you inserted were a funny idea.

  21. love how the music fits the vibe of the place. yeah i feel like my money for my Europe trip was consumed by bathroom use and same with April, we've snuck in bathrooms w/o paying too oopsie hehehe. yes to gelato! and same i was messing around with pigeons when i was in Netherlands and France. walking around the streets in that weather does make for a great way to explore the place!

  22. It's so weird seeing you in a city lol. Wow at 1:48 and I love alleyways. April is cold and she wants ice cream lol? Cool boat time lapse.

  23. It's always enjoyable to listen to tips and watch authentic experience. I have always dreamed about coming back to Europe and Croatia will definitely be on my list

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