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39 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mods | THE REAL ONE PUNCH MAN!! | Baumi plays Angel Arena Black Star”

  1. didn't seem like teh cooldown reduction did anything in your passives.. i don't think it stacks with the octarine.. i mean.. i was looking at your cooldowns.. and they have been 80 second cooldowns ever since you got octarine, and after you got hte cdr, they were still 80 seconds.. just saying :S

  2. Its more like, you play at dragonball map on dota 1 (warcraft 3) 😂😂 where everything is ridiculous stats..

  3. What I want is for Saitama to be from an alien race from a far off planet… that are then revealed to have no difference to regular humans.

  4. Saitama: ultimate late game carry
    Also, the reason it seems exponential is because, the strength increase you get from the limiter depends not only on limiter stacks, but on the amount of strength you have.

  5. Baumi talking about how to build OPM in Angel Arena is similar to a rocket engineer talking about space,rockets and shit

  6. you have to play with saitama for about 8 days by that point it will be 3 years in the game so u get full one punch man affect

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