A fated encounter leads to unforeseen consequences.

Phantom Assassin – MazAMaTaz (www.youtube.com/user/MazAMaTaz)
Oracle – Beard

Comic copyright by Valve

Music Used:

Smoke of Deceit 1 – Dota 2
Starting the Hunt – Erdenstern
Freakshow – Midnight Carnival
Northern Lights – Erdernstern
The Artefact – Erdenstern

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20 thoughts on “Dota 2 – The Contract”

  1. At Divine rank i can make gameplays ZERO DEATH ORACLE predicting enemy moves realy matters to oracle. Knowing what kind of skill will an enemy use or when would they attack. Highest kill with oracle is 42… Highest gpm with oracle is 1282…

  2. i kinda main oracle because i like to save my team mate's. i never knew he had such a dark side. i love it!! great reading, thanks man😃

  3. Obvious troll in comments, and could we expect the winter wyvern comic? (If you don't want to, your content is still amazing regardless)

  4. You got some flak for this, but I really hope you'll do the recent one for this year's New Bloom! I do love your work, and it's nice to see voicing for the Dota 2 comics, given no one seems to do so.

  5. Funny how so many of the anti-DOTA comments have commenters with profile pics relating to TF2. Being a TF2 fanatic myself, I too dislike DOTA and couldn't help but to see a resemblance..

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