The Crystal Maiden investigates some strange goings-on within her realm.

Crystal Maiden – Anjidu (
Winter Wyvern, Snoprat – MazAMaTaz (
Botfrit, Thrael – Beard

Comic copyright by Valve.

Music Used:

White Realm – Erdenstern
Plights of the Tuskarr – World of Warcraft OST
Ice Palace – Erdenstern
Coldarra – World of Warcraft OST
The Fortress in the Ice – Erdenstern
First Snow – Erdenstern
The Storm Peaks – World of Warcraft OST


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42 thoughts on “Dota 2 – The New Neighbors”

  1. So the dragon comes to the abandoned keep and starts eating local livestock. The warden gets involved, and the two almost begin to kill each other until the assistant points out that magical items of no value to the dragon but immense value to people are sitting in a large pile. He then points out that they can be used to buy the keep and pay for any and all livestock the dragon would ever want to eat from the locals properly.

    That's actually a pretty good way to end this situation, the dragon becomes a member of the community and pays for its food.

  2. There is one thing that doesnt make sense though, if ww wanted to have cm as an ally, then why is ww from the dire, and cm from the radiant?

  3. Holly shit this is actually very good. Halfway through I thought I was watching some kind of a movie or something, really forgot it was just a video on youtube.

  4. As a league player, you guys really made this comic dub awesome. Rylai sounds so much like Lux but I think given the similar personalities the two have, I'm not surprised.

  5. its like in the world of Dota there isn`t any war between the radiant and the dire. good vs evil. Dota in their world is like a tournament of something. and the last thing in her to do list. send death threat to lina. Haha!

  6. First of all, wonderful dub. Second, massive respect to all the Maidens out there. You get way too much shit thrown at you. Third…uhh…


    Oh, I know. Coolest wyvern ever.

    …That was TERRIBLE, I'm sorry.

  7. Great work! I was wondering what Valve take so long for part 5 of TF2 comic,anything luck with L4D comic's progress?

  8. Nice touch with the Warcraft music. I see what you did there.

    I don't play DoTA (although I'd like to learn), but I did hope you'd dub this comic. Everyone involved did a fantastic job. I'm gonna show Makani, the artist of this comic, the dub. She's liked your past ones, I think.

  9. All voices were pretty well done save for some quality issues in some except for the Wyvern one, think that one could've been polished a bit more.

    Otherwise good job.

    Edit: Small note: At the end you could've let the music play out a little more with maybe a 'thanks for watching!' or something like that, just so it doesn't feel like such an abrupt end.

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