An enterprising alchemist takes a stab at ultimate power, power that Enigma possesses.

Cedric – Cymen (
Enigma – Beard
Dream Girl – Zombie Lollipop (

Comic copyright by Valve.

Music used:

Simon Magus – Abnocto
Karazhan (Malchezar) – World of Warcraft OST
Netherstorm – World of Warcraft OST
The Souldigger – Sean Beeson
Thaddius – World of Warcraft OST
Mountains of Madness – Erdenstern


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27 thoughts on “Dota 2 – The Summoning”

  1. Really? He turn that poor bastard into an Eidolon to either help him farm or help him push lane which in the end it will just die because of the time duration of it which leads me to conclude…..

    RIP Cedric

  2. Man its not as same as the original voice but its just as badass as it is! i know that Enigma is like a powerful Badass overlord of a another dimension but his godliness is always being ignore due to the fact that his a hardcore support. that requires space and items to be effective.

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