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40 thoughts on “Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme”

  1. I just heard my teach tell her students that in her class, any mention of pewds was rule breaking cus my teach must have read one vox artical…

    I want to send her this sooooooo bad

  2. PewDiePie: Its time to stop this Sub to PewDiePie thing

    Meanwhile: GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING GAMERS.Its another awsome day in minecraft.We have sven, Joergen and everyone!

  3. PewDiePie: asks to end sub to PewDiePie meme

    Days after: airplane flies over New York with a subscribe to PewDiePie banner


  4. None of those things have ever been your fault Pewdz. If anything they are just evil controlled opposition trying to smear you and your name and bring the World's Biggest Youtuber ever thus far down. When you're at the top a lot of despicable people will want to knock you down. Thank you, for mentioning your condolences for the people who were victimized by the terrorist(s) as well as we should for all people around the world. Not just for a few.


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