2017 All-Star Event #AllStar2017 Faker vs. Bjergsen Southeast Asia All-Stars vs. China All Stars Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA …

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48 thoughts on “Faker vs. Bjergsen | Quarterfinals | 1v1 Tournament | 2017 All-Star Event”

  1. Omg killing minions is the best part of the game. I literally only play LoL to kill minions… said no one ever. Faker the true showman. Always going for kills. Never trying to get the cheap win. Always goes for the fireworks.

  2. Notice how everyone who 1v1 in tournament always goes for CS win. They know they can’t kill him so it’s automatic CS for the win lmao. Faker doesn’t care about CS wins those are cheesy. Weak way to win, taking the cowards way out.

  3. As a Taliyah main I can tell you that 16:20 Bjerg could've won right there , if he went for the 1v1 , but he didn't ,because he didn't wanna throw away the lead he had. And what I mean is , his R just came back , Syndra has no flash , no hp and no mana , Bjerg has enough mana to kill him With R and Q or E , Faker will prob try to stun him (because he doesn't have enough mana to R) while he travels and it's a guessing game on which side of the wall Bjerg lands on , if Faker misses , he has no mana and no escapes, even I will kill him then lmao. Idk why people underestimate Taliyah in the dmg department , a champion that doesn't have a dmg R , means that their other skills have enough dmg to kill you. In late game full-build I usually 2shot squishies with E+W. It's all thanks to Bjerg tho , I thought Taliyah was a boring champ before he started playing her, and thanks to him she's one of my favorite champs , if not my n1.

  4. Kafaya bak kafaya lol oynamaktan anasi sikilmis amk japonu gozu yok adamin gozu yok nasi goruyo amk gozluk takiyo bide gozun yok amina koyim niye gozluk takiyon

  5. Faker won honestly Bjerg just won by CS and he barely won lol. U can see how much better Faker's mechanics are comapred to Bjerg,

  6. Bjerg knew he couldn't take Faker in a 1v1 fight. So he adjusted his strategy and won. Much like in UFC, fighters work around their opponents strengths. It was an impressive win to say the least.

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