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4 thoughts on “Far East Brand Strawberries ft. Folkart [ Noted: 116 ]”

  1. HC Strawberry and Cream [4:21]

    HS Strawberry [6:12]

    HC Wild Strawberry [9:24]

    FE Fresh Strawberry [11:10]

    SC Forest Strawberry [13:51]

    VT Sweet Strawberry [16:11]

    VT Strawberry Milk [18:41]

    VT Strawberry Jam [22:08]

    FE Sweet Strawberry [25:12]

    VT Glazed Strawberries [27:44]

    FE Strawberry [31:03]

    HC Fresh Strawberry [34:53]

    VT Shisha Strawberry [37:14]

    VT Strawberry Custard [40:11]

    Overall Strawberry Recap [45:27]

  2. I honestly would like to know how you guys do your single flavour tests. Do you really mix them up let steep, rewick and test? Every single flavour? Even if you change %? That would really take a lot of time… I would be happy if you professionals could say a couple of words next show 🙂

  3. Idk I think redbull, as a drink, tastes like old chewing gum that someone carbonated. My wife drinks them and theyre horrible. Im not a fan of energy drinks tho. Some of the flavored redbulls arent as terrible but still nothing I wldnt reach for if I needed a drink of something.

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