I got the Gamesir G4 Advanced Gaming controller for my mobile phone to stream my steam games and it is AWESOME. Check out my review in the video.

Music is:
When I’m Gone (Instrumental Version) – Johan Svensson

G4 controller:

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30 thoughts on “Gamesir G4 Advanced Gaming Controller Review”

  1. I'm sorry but for a reviewer you sure seem to be Unsure on a lot of facts. You apparently haven't even figured out that there's a wireless receiver in the controller that you are supposed to pull out and plug into Non-bluetooth devices such as your PC, entertainment system or even smart TV (I use it on my Nvidia Shield TV) for wireless play. Super important feature yet you didn't even cover it.

  2. Im having issues using this controller with Dolphin on my S8plus, it connects and im able to navigate just fine but I cannot use it in the app. Ive configured the controller tried un toggling controls but it still wont work. Thanks for reading!

  3. Are the joysticks responsive for fps games? Because I got one gamesir controller and it's just not possible to play fps ps3 or pc games on it

  4. Just got this. It's awesome. I use a Note 4 and it works great with this. If you're worried about larger phones falling out there is a wide grippy piece that comes with the controller that you can attach, when using it the clasp won't close however.

  5. PLEASE HELP !!! I want to buy the gamesir g4s and I have one plus 3 device and some guys says it bug with it …please help. THANKS

  6. WHERE IN THE OBLIVION IS YOUR OBLIVION COMPARISON OR AM I OBLIVIOUS ON WHAT'S GOING ON!!! I like my steam controller, so I don't need one, I'm good. Plus, try using it with steam (if you have an account) and try it within the Big Picture mode or BPM. BPM is not the greatest mode/feature, but it can possibly get it to work well with PC games without the need of the instructions as long as the controller is picked up.

  7. the joystick has a hidden usb adapter for connecting it to the pc… is under the gamesir button and that allows you to play in pc without usb cables

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