The Gamesir G5 is a versatile programmable gamepad that can be mapped to play any Andriod or IOS game on a cellphone, tablet, or TV box. It is the first gamepad to carry a trackpad where the right joystick is supposed to be, giving you mouse-like control over your game. It specializes in MOBA and FPS games. It also works on Windows PCs.

Available here:
Banggood – $59.48 COUPON – BG46TVBS After Coupon Price $44.99

Geekbuying – $53.99 – $49.99 After Coupon: 3VVK8KYQ

Amazon – $34.99

Aliexpress – $53.99

Fasttech – $64.41

Gearvita – $59.99


Avant Grade Design
Responsive Trackpad
MOBA and FPS friendly
Programmable Buttons
Wireless Connection

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6 thoughts on “GameSir G5 First Futuristic Hybrid Gamepad Controller For MOBAs and FPS Games”

  1. Omg this hybrid might be the best on the market..sad no vibration.. should of been included and give an option to turn it off.. question is the joy stick replaceable..😁😁😁👍👍👍

  2. Just like Steam Controller where it used trackpad to control camera.
    This controller would be better if they add Gyro like on Steam Controller where it can do some small aiming more accurate rather than aiming with trackpad.

  3. Awesome review brother. Keep them coming. Nice controller. Keep the reviews coming. Hope all is well. Enjoy your day

  4. Hi TBS, thanks for this review. It's just what i m looking for at the moment but this item isn't for me. Thanks for giving me the heads up on which company is leading the way in android game pads. 😉

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