Grand Theft Auto III Final Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Mission No. 067

Location: Shoreside Vale, Liberty City

Mission Name:
– The Exchange
– L’échange (Français)
– Die übergabe (Deutsch)
– Lo scambio (Italiano)
– El intercambio (Español)

Mission Boss: Claude Speed / Catalina ===================================

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27 thoughts on “GTA 3 – Ending / Final Mission – The Exchange (HD)”

  1. As time goes on I relate more & more to Claude shooting her. Sometimes Women just never shut the fuck up and you just wanna kill them.

  2. 6:07 If Claude could speak, I'd imagine he'd have this to say to Catalina. "Hello, Catalina and goodbye. Burn in hell, bitch!"

  3. Revenge well earned! Too bad you could not make her beg for her life before giving her the bullet/rocket. But then again that crazy bitch wouldn't beg for her life, as she is almost crazy as Trevor.

  4. This whole time I didn’t know this was the last mission and I couldn’t pass it so I stopped playing lol

  5. So Catalina is dead… but this game comes after GTA sa and Catalina's brother is dead in this game her brother is Cesar so…

    Cesar is dead😭😭😭😭
    Catalina died😃😃😃😃
    That one girl also died that I forgot the name of😒

  6. Sad. I don't have experience or memories for this gta series. My first gta is VC (i played on my cousin house). But, until now just SA and VCS in my heart. I hope i have a chance to play gta 3 and VC (again)😢

  7. This mission was bootycheeks on mobile, maybe because I cant freely aim unlike PC, had to do this mission at least 15 times

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