Catalina is a vicious and cold killer, lover turned main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto three, but where did she come from? Where did she go?


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46 thoughts on “GTA Lore Series | Catalina pt. 1”

  1. I don't know if this is a… "thing"… but it really sounds like just another vaatividya clone with the soft monotone (accidental rhyme X2 points!!). I miss his twisted Joker-esque mania of taking a huge dump from a great height on… well, anyone, really.

  2. Gotta love Grand Theft Auto one game nobody can say has changed for the worst over the eras! You can sure say that some games have better mechanics and physics for sure but when it comes to things you can do the only reason things have changed and always will is to give each game it's own unique feel! Because what sense would there be to go back and kill the Liberty Cities most wanted in the police database in GTA 4 if you could just do it in GTA 5! I love how each game has its own activities because it makes the characters seem like they got different taste in the things they enjoy doing outside of that work they do! Also I love the tiny details too! Like how in GTA 5 you can buy guns out of the gun store because gun laws are a little more tame then let's say Liberty City which in GTA 4 you buy you're guns from underground black markets ran by whatever gang runs the neighborhood the gun shops in because guns laws are very very strict in Liberty City/New York.. good video tho dude loved it!.

  3. Hey shit-Lord how yah been? See the new manual claim update for youtube, it looks great especially with particular individuals.

  4. That part with Carl being caught in a BDSM relationship against his will was aftually pretty hilarious. Fucked up but hilarious.

  5. One thing I always loved about the GTA series (3D universe especially) is how they managed to bring the world together through its many characters linking each entry together and even making you see them in a different light (you even controlled some of them like in the stories duology).

  6. I wish the original games had lore aspects, because I really want to know why the first gta was the only one to have a playable female character, so far. I mostly want to know exactly how bad ass she was to get and maintain that status for so long.

    I still have my original gta and the London "add-on"….sequel…whatever that was.

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