Adobe changed the keyboard shortcuts for how you move forward and back through your adjustment history in Photoshop CC 2019. I show you the new ones.

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9 thoughts on “History Undo – Redo in Photoshop CC 2019”

  1. ——————— The right solution

    Make sure that when you undo by (( CTRL + Z )) it must be the language that the keyboard is English on

    if keyboard language arabic on its mean you are click (( CTRL + ئ )) Not (( CTRL + Z ))

  2. But there's another feature which I'm trying to find back.
    2018 ctrl+z – Undo/Redo
    2019 ctrl+alt+z – Toggle Last State
    seems to be the same function but changed name and shortcuts, but actually in 2018 you can toggle multiple last states depends on how much undos you did.
    Hope they add it back 🙁

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  4. How to install undo / redo with "Ctr + Z" in Liquify.

    Because I want the action of "Ctr + z" in "liquify" like the previous versions.

    I have installed Undo / redo in 2019, but in "liquify" it is not possible. It still undo many steps when using "Ctr + Z" instead of going back to the step before undo

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