Nico finds out that the 2019 Honda CB1000R perfectly blends retro styling with super naked motorcycle performance, creating a new breed of bikes that will cater to those looking for one of the fastest cafe racer inspired bikes in the Philippine market today. Check out his impressions on one of Honda’s latest products to hit our shores.

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49 thoughts on “Honda CB1000R – On the Saddle”

  1. Real quality video here ! I dig it !
    But a Yoshimura radiator grill cover on a bike equiped with Akrapovic ? Looks like someone wants to see the whole world burn…

  2. Enjoyed your review. One thing I thought to let you know. It’s in the saddle or on the bike. Never on the saddle or in the bike 😄

  3. I used to have CB1000R 6 cylinders straight water cooled 1986. Heavy and slow. My CF900 is faster. Air cooled. Fr London UK.

  4. P865000??? Who cares about "performance"??? You would ONLY be able to use it 3-5% of the time!!! Heck, GIVE ME A HONDA JAZZ ALL DAY, ANY DAY, EVERYDAY!!! It's OBVIOUSLY slower but at least I can ride in comfort, SAFETY and PRACTICALITY. All the while listening to my tunes with the AC on along with a couple of buddies or my family!

  5. Kulang ang review pag di mo pinag tuunan ng pansin ang tunog ng isang big bike, itoy parang isang musika sa aking pandinig, pero wala, kaya bitin.

  6. Mag moped na lang kayo, sa traffic na lang magkakandayutot kayo sumingit singit dyan useless power yan
    Moped 100k bayad agad. Hahahaha

  7. Couldn’t be more wrong on your review. Suspension is soft not hard. It needs adjusting straight away to firm it up in every way. It’s just not an accurate review. It’s a good bike and looks great. I own one. But it has some real flaws that need tweaking. You’ve missed them completely. Not accurate I’m afraid.

  8. Great review! I just wish the front fender matched the tank, I was never a fan of matte finishes. Guess you could always have it painted…

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