This tutorial gonna show you how to blur the background and retouch a photo in photoshop cc..
First we’ll blur the background then will apply some of adjustment layers to make it awesome.
Hope you enjoy !
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37 thoughts on “How to Blur Background and Retouching a Photo in Photoshop CC”

  1. can someone explain the steps at 1:43 ? how to separate the hairs.
    wich keys to press for selecting

  2. aaaww thank you so much for this tutorial, I have learnt a lot.. it's so amazing. thumbs up to you blood.🌷👊

  3. couldn't see all the selections you were making. Would have liked the verbal instructions included
    otherwise, very informative

  4. It was a little hard to follow because you did not talk…hate that…but overall I did learn something new….Thank but could you please leave a link somewhere with step by step instruction.

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