Today’s video is: How to Build A Kickass LinkedIn Profile +Giveaway! LinkedIn Profile Tips For Freshers &Professionals

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Title: How to Build A Kickass LinkedIn Profile +Giveaway! LinkedIn Profile Tips For Freshers &Professionals
Shot and edited by Anuprita

Until next time,
Saloni S.

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39 thoughts on “How to Build A Kickass LinkedIn Profile +Giveaway! LinkedIn Profile Tips For Freshers &Professionals”

  1. Hi Saloni,

    Yet another awesome video. You are such an inspiration and so soft spoken.
    Very well organised content, beautifully presented and genuinely useful. Ideas were flying in my head as you were describing what a particular section should have.
    Thanks a ton!!
    Looking forward to your next video

  2. please make a video how to manage a homework as a wife being a busy manager at office ..how to manage please make a gudance video which can help me n other too

  3. Awesome video I m searching videos about how to make LinkedIn profile it will surely help me understand how do this properly

  4. Hi saloni, with the help of this video, I create my Linkedin profile (partially, not yet finished). However, I want to know how to ask for money when you are in freelancing or doing your own business in content creation or writing and other service because you couldn't measure these areas like physical work and hence many people offend when ask a good some of money or they (Mainly Indians) do not want pay for ideas! Can you make a video on how to start business/frelancing work, how to calculate the remunaration or how to ask for the money payment?

  5. Looking for a career switch and realized that LinkedIn is super important.I had previously stalked your husband profile and now I'm glad you made one video!

  6. I am very confused as i m fresher in ML n i have experiance in another field.. n want to make career in ML Only. So plz help me to build my linkedin profile..

  7. This was a great video, love that you're always coming out with such refreshing content. I'm in between careers at the moment and not feeling very confident about my career prospects right now and would love to get some pointers from you for building a great profile!

  8. Hi Saloni, totally loved this video and i think it might be one of my favorite ones from you (that is saying something considering the kind of content you publish). Not only are your videos unique but i found your giveaway very unique too 😁

  9. Since ages I wanted to see this video and had visited your linkedin profile and thought that I wish she could make mine too as I struggle to add things the correct way. Thanks for listening to my heart… I guess we are connected heart to heart…whatever I wish to see iitefaaq se it comes up…
    Many many thanks for such helpful and motivating videos , do review my profile

  10. One of your best videos so far! I would love your guidance in revamping my LinkedIn profile because it's been untouched ever since I got pregnant, and there have been several things I have done over the last 3 years alongside the corporate gig, so it would be wonderful to get your inputs on how best to incorporate that in my profile! Thanks for the opportunity 😊

  11. I always loved how your content as it is totally different from most of the other channels and how you help others through your content. I liked your idea of not having materialistic things as a giveaway and this is what i needed in building my profile

  12. Hey Sonali, I have just recently started watching your videos and I really find them worth watching. You are amazing in your videos. Looking forward to learn more from you. I am from Delhi working with a bank. It been 2 years now and prior to my MBA I was working with an IT company. After working in the Bank 2 years , I am looking out for something in IT again but due to my Gap in IT I am struggling to find a good job. I would request you to help me with my linkdin profile as that would be really useful for me. Thanks a ton.

  13. Hey Saloni di!
    TBH, this one of those videos I was eagerly waiting for a long time. And, I'll feel honoured if I get a chance to win this one on one session with you. You already are someone who is a expert when it comes to these things. And, you helping me out in setting up my profile means I already am going to have a unique LinkedIn profile which will make me stand out from the rest.

    It's not only about the LinkedIn profile, it's also about that one on one session with you which is pretty exciting. OMG! Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻

  14. hi saloni. very well put video!
    ive been meaning to build a good linkedin profile for sometime now but usually dint know many how tos and linkedin always felt a bit complicated to me, so thank you for breaking it down so well. ill definitely be very interested in your give away and will be very grateful, and if you talk to me youll understand, how confused im about it. 😉
    thanks again, keep up the good work!
    fingers crossed for giveaway.

  15. That's a great give away than being something material. I am looking for a job change and this may be a lot of help to me.
    Thank you

  16. I'm a LinkedIn marketing specialist myself and digi marketer since 2013… and this video really covers almost everything required to make a good LinkedIn profile.. LinkedIn is critical for anyone who needs growing opportunities… and if you are on LinkedIn then your profile must make that impact… I observe people hitting up with opportunities daily on my LinkedIn inbox… go and do it now!!!

    Thanks Saloni.. I'm taking one simple suggestion from this video… really helps

  17. Been thinking of revamping my LinkedIn profile for a while now. I have grown out of the person I have claimed to be on my about section. Also, would love to add a couple of new things that would direct me to opportunities in other fields than the one I am currently working in. I'll take this video as a sign to work on my LinkedIn profile.

    As always, minimal and crisp! Keep up the amazing work you do! <3

  18. Please make a video about how to restart in career after a long break.how to justify your career break and make the profile decent for company's to approach you for job.

  19. Really really helpful….I have a linked in profile but never really got to set it up ..watching your video helped me realise how linked in actually works…I am a third year architecture student and will be looking for internships in the next year, as I am immature to the job market it would really be helpful if you help me with it.

  20. Great video Saloni. I was planning a job switch. These tips will help enrich my LinkedIn profile and hopefully I can land that dream job !

  21. I am a student. I already have my LinkedIn account but somehow it is not growing as much. I think the only thing I didn't try is writing the articals.
    I need your help to know how to use the publishing tools in Linkedin.
    The video helped a lot already ❤❤

  22. Hey saloni.
    Much love and respect.
    I am following you since you were actually not very famous. i have witnessed your journey. You are anything but an inspiration. I would love love love to have your guidance to build my LinkedIn profile. It will be like a dream come true.
    P.S. I love how organised and well prepared you are about your video content and generally also .


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