in this video i explained how to create post and how to create menu and how to create category in WordPress and also i explained how to display posts to particular tabs..


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28 thoughts on “How to display post in WordPress to particular page or category”

  1. Hi, Hope you are doing well.
    I've just done the same, as shown in this video. but my post on that particular category is not shoeing well, that someone could click it and read it fully. How can I fix this??
    Looking Forward to hearing.

  2. Thank you so much! My problem all along was that I created pages that I never should have! Thanks so much for creating such a useful lesson!!

  3. This really helped me a lot! When you said do not create a page, because you need to create a Category that's where I am stuck! Thank you so much!

  4. Oh thank you so much. I've been struggling with this for days, going back and forth from pages to posts to categories and still haven't been able to sort it out until I found your video. There're tons of wordpress tutorial videos but none of them explain this. Again. Thank you !!

  5. I do have one question though. When you click on a specific page on a menu on the website, it shows the word category before the name of that specific page. For example, on the website, the name of the page shows as "Category: Food" instead of just showing "Food"

  6. Thank you! I have been trying to figure out for a several days on how to add a post to specific section/tab on the menu and apparently I didn't find a any video that would address that. Thanks for pointing out the fact to create categories first and then add them to the menu.

  7. thank you soooo much sir. i was searching for how to do this you were the first person to actually do it correctly . im searching for one week.finaly i got sir………….

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  9. The best best and best channel …You solved my all problem about pages, menues and posts. Thanks a lot. You differentiated well between categories and posts. Live long bro

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