Fix Full RAM GB Is not usable in Windows PC
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21 thoughts on “How to Fix All RAM GB Not Useable Problem in Windows 10/8/7”

  1. The first step didn't work for me but after changing the BIOS settings (enable remapping of memory) and following the second step, it worked an I can now use all of my RAM

  2. Geez, i feel so dumb, i usually use that msconfig command.
    But today, i just installed new ram and i'm so confused why it's only 2 gb usable (4 gb installed). It's turn out that i'm the one that set the max limit to 2 gb.. After all this time i'm searching the solution like upgrading bios etc. Thx btw 😅

  3. just install 64 bit operating system, that will solve all problems
    i had the same problem, 32 bit only supports upto 3.5 mb ram

  4. Not working the only way to solve this problem is to start PC with one RAM and then plug other RAM while PC is running window .This will make window to detect other ram, PC will restart with full ram in use

  5. I upgraded from 8 to 16gb but my system says I only have 10gb available. What could be drawing so much physical ram? Especially when you're just browsing. I find it very strange indeed maybe something is using 37.5% of my physical memory. If we do the math on 8gb it gives us a total of 3 GB of physical ram so you see it makes no sense whatsoever but I will try these methods out and see what happens I will try to report back. If anyone has any idea what could be eating so much ram please reply to this comment and let me know thank-you. I tried the 1st method after clicking apply and going back into the advanced boot the number was 0 the next time it showed 4062 can't get it any higher this is very freaking odd.

  6. This person does not know about RAM allocation on architecture. 32-bit may only read 3GB or lower. The "Available memory" in the beginning was clearly edited. Page File DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR REAL RAM! IT AFFECTS HARDDRIVE!
    So please review your video and know that you have fooled at least 3000 people.

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