What’s up guys it’s Sweetz back with ANOTHER SKIN FIX TUTORIAL! This mod fixes skins after mojang fucked the game up again! Hope you enjoy!
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MultiMC Download:

Modification Station(Zyga’s Discord):

Back2Beta(Server): CLOSED


Thanks so much to Piratjsk, the creator of this magnificent mod.

Discord: piratjsk#1025

If he sees this and wants me to link something else, let me know.

My Server:

IP: BetaLands.com

Version: Old Beta 1.7.3

Alt Dynmap:
Estomonia Download:

Join the Steam Group:

Nguồn: https://aatapaatalu.net/

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45 thoughts on “How to Fix Skins – Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 – NEW 2019 – (After New Mojang Bug)”

  1. i think they changed it again. my skin from pre-UUID no longer shows up AND the mod gets uninstalled when you launch the game in the vanilla launcher (i use the old 1.6 one) because they dynamically install the jars now. :/ if you have any new methods of fixing this again that'd be amazing

  2. hey, man, do you think you could update this since there is no bin file in the .minecraft folder for me? thanks

    EDIT: ok instead of going and looking for a .bin file in your .minecraft folder, you must instead go to versions, look for b1.7.3 and you will find the .jar file there. hope this helps anyone who is having trouble installing this!

  3. Minecraft Skins 2012: Edgy Bandana Girl Ninja Gangnam Style PSY
    Minecraft Skins 2014: Badass MLG Pro with Glasses
    Minecraft Skins 2019: Pillager League

  4. I dont know if all mc skin servers are down or just mojang decided to break the system again because it doesnt work anymore since 21.02.19

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