Hello! In this video you will see how to install full/activated version of Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit or 64 bit. Enjoy!

►Windows 7 Ultimate:


► Check if your PC is 64 bit capable:

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31 thoughts on “How To Install Activated Windows 7 Ultimate (2018)”

  1. it says This 32-bit version of Windows cannot be installed to an EFI-based computer. Installation cannot proceed. Use a 64-bit version of Windows to install to an EFI-based computer.

  2. I did it step by step (I have a alienware 17x R2 laptop)
    After it started installing the windows, I think it was after the third restart that it started to glitch out my screen and it made some beeping sounds, I turned it off after 5/7 min turned it back on it continued the installation and after it was done it came back the windows 10 for some reason. It didn't work for me but it has potential, you can freely try it because your windows vill go back to its original state, I hope this comment will help you guys!

  3. WHEN IM INSTALLING ERROR CODE 0XC0000005 windows installation encountered an expected error. Verify that the installation source are accessible, and restart the installation.;

  4. Thank you so much,you helped me to install windows professionel,and now you helped me to install windows ultimate,Thank you soooooooooo much

  5. so you have to keep doing this every 30 days without an activation code? god damn that sucks. cant we get it activated without one?

  6. after clicking 64 DAZ in setup page no 'next' button is visible.can't sroll down 'i accept licence terms' and 'next'.showing EULAID:Win7SP1_RM_ULT_OEM_en-us.

  7. 2019.. The installed say that : ''This installer is 32 bits and can't be installed on a EFI based computer.'' How to fix it ???

  8. does it matter if i'm already running windows 10? do I need to uninstall before I download it? I'm trying to downgrade from a free 32 bit version of windows 10 so i can upgrade from 7 back to a full version of 10.

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